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Give women what they want to read while they wait for you with discounted prices on the top womens magazines for your waiting rooms, lobbies and reception areas. Save up to 88 percent and get the lowest publisher authorized prices on Cosmopolitan, Brides, Oprah Magazine, Shape, Lucky Magazine, Glamour, In Style Magazine and many other womens magazines.
1. Allure | 1 YR : 0011 Issues Per Year
Allure is a magazine that analyzes trends in beauty. Its articles stress information on fitness, health, nutrition, travel, design, fragrance, food, fashion, literature, film, art and theater.
EBSCO Price: $56.80

2. Cosmopolitan | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
COSMOPOLITAN focuses on personal growth, relationships and careers, with expanded reporting on fashion and beauty, health and fitness. Celebrites and pop culture are covered as well... and just about everything else young women want to know about..
Cover Price: $47.88 | EBSCO Price: $42.60 | You Save: 11%

3. Country Woman | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
Country Woman-Delicious recipes, affordable decorating, easy crafts, gardening advice and more from country-loving women.
EBSCO Price: $35.44

4. Family Circle | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Help your customers navigate their busy lives with a subscription to Family Circle. Packed with information tools and advice about how to manage a household, Family Circle is resource your customers will appreciate, and it comes at a price you ll love. Order today!
EBSCO Price: $35.50

5. Life & Style Weekly | 1 YR : 0052 Issues Per Year
The first weekly style magazine. Features the latest Hollywood fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends merged with celebrity news and shopping information.
EBSCO Price: $198.63

6. O : the Oprah Magazine | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
O, The Oprah Magazine is a must-have for your waiting room. From discussions on spirituality to in-depth reviews of recently published books, O, The Oprah Magazine has content that will appeal to all of your customers. Order your subscription for our low discount price today!
Cover Price: $54.00 | EBSCO Price: $41.18 | You Save: 24%

7. Southern Lady | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
Celebrating everything southern, Southern Lady brings you beautiful table settings, home decor, family entertaining ideas, and recipes that will make your mouth water!
EBSCO Price: $49.67

8. Victoria | 1 YR : 0007 Issues Per Year
A magazine for women, including home and fashion. Victoria is an elegant magazine going back to the Victoria era.
EBSCO Price: $46.83

9. Vogue | 1 YR : 0012 Issues Per Year
Vogue is the unparalleled authority in the world of haute couture-defining the latest trends, leading designers, and influential personalities that shape our perspective on fashion. Your customers will be unable to resist Vogue s renowned imagery and editorial content.
EBSCO Price: $85.13

10. W | 1 YR : 0008 Issues Per Year
This magazine is written for affluent, educated, enlightened women. Its articles and features include a blend of the best in fashion, lifestyle, travel and social commentary.
EBSCO Price: $70.93

11. Womans Day | 1 YR : 0010 Issues Per Year
Packed with practical, budget-friendly tips for how to make family-friendly meals, tackle home improvement projects, entertain guests with ease, and more, Women s Day Magazine is an ideal waiting room subscription for your female customers. Order a discount subscription for your waiting room today!
Cover Price: $35.88 | EBSCO Price: $32.66 | You Save: 9%

12. Womans World | 1 YR : 0050 Issues Per Year
The warmhearted weekly magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more.
EBSCO Price: $155.63

13. Working Mother | 1 YR : 0004 Issues Per Year
Working Mother is the only magazine that helps women integrate their professional, family and inner lives. Written for mothers with children of all ages. Working Mother is the must-read source for new ideas, inspiration and strategies for work/life balance.
EBSCO Price: $28.36


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