The Country's Leading Provider of Waiting Room Magazine Subscriptions.

How can I contact CANEBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services?

Phone: 1.800.668.9007
Fax: 1.888.826.3337
305-110 Copper Creek Dr.
Markham ON L6B 0P9

You can e-mail or fax us anytime, or call our phone representatives, they are available from: 8:00am-4:00pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

How do I qualify for your rates?

In order to qualify for reception room rates, you must have either a business name or a professional title. All businesses who have reception or waiting areas instantly qualify. All you have to do is open an account.

Why do I need to provide a business name or professional title?

Since our specially negotiated rates are available only to businesses with reception rooms or waiting areas, we need the name of your business or your professional title in order to comply with requirements of each publisher.

Can I pay an outstanding invoice online?

Currently this feature in not available on this website. Please call 1.800.668.9007 for assistance.

What if I can’t find a magazine on this website?

If there is a magazine or professional journal that you are interested in ordering, but you do not see it on the website, either call us at 800-668-9007 or e-mail us at

How do I report a missing magazine issue?

  1. Please call 1.800.668.9007

How do I report a damaged magazine issue?

  1. Please call 1.800.668.9007

How do I open a New Account with CRRSS?

  1. First, fill out your order on the order form here:
  2. Next, our customer service representatives will contact you to verify your business information.

How do I cancel my magazine subscriptions?

  1. Please call 1.800.668.9007

How do I renew my magazine subscriptions with CANEBSCO?

  1. There are two options:
  2. Please respond to mailed renewal notices
  3. Please call 1.800.668.9007

Can I transfer magazines from other vendors to my CANEBSCO account?

  1. Please call 1.800.668.9007

Can I order magazines subscriptions for my home residence?

To qualify for professional discount pricing you must provide a billing address to a business.


CANEBSCO Reception Room Subscription Services is Canada's leading provider of waiting room magazine subscriptions.

You must include your business name or professional title with the order to qualify for these discounted magazine subscriptions.

U.S. Customers please visit